Keystone Millworks set out with a vision to bring individuality and creativity home. Why have the same as your neighbor when you can express yourself, your story and whatever makes you smile?

We believe in helping you define your dreams, before realizing that inspiration with care and imagination. It’s about fusing your desires, tastes and needs with modern design innovation and a traditional craftsman’s passion for perfection. By collaborating creatively, we will make the setting for your every day truly extraordinary.

Our clients are as diverse as the dreams they share with us. For us, it’s about saying yes to possibility and thinking far beyond the confines of convention. We embrace individuality and whimsical, adding creativity and the very best of master craftsmanship to create truly special places to live.

Today, continuing the vision and values of one of our founders father’s years ago, Keystone Millworks has become synonymous with great Old World craftsmanship and the very finest interiors. We work with clients in the most notable residences across the globe, expertly combining rare, exotic materials with age-old skills and the most modern of technologies to every room.

Looking to tomorrow we plan to keep evolving, exploring and co-creating, providing bespoke services that empower clients to customize their homes and enjoy those extra special touches that make each environment truly unique.

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