At Keystone Millworks, we source and install the finest wood beams.

Wood beams pull your eye up, making the most of the upper half of your space. They balance the visual weight of a room with heft and structure — adding architectural interest that’s reminiscent of traditional post-and-beam construction. Salvaged timber beams imbue a space with style and historicity by giving genuine old-growth wood a second life in contemporary surroundings.

Not just for rustic spaces. Though salvaged wood beams look charming in rustic or mountain-lodge-styled spaces, they’re finding their way into many contemporary and minimalist interiors, as well. Contemporary designers tend to favor clean lines that complement the geometric architecture of each space.

Timber beams, regardless of whether they are Antique Reclaimed Beams, Reproduction Reclaimed Beams, or Cypress Beams — when refined and finished, can add the perfect visual framework to complete an interior with minimalist style.

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