Quality created by Craftsman with a Passion for Detail.

With a desire for both quality and detailed workmanship our hardware was established. Our finishing is completed by hand – the old way – all under one roof. This allows for much better depth and quality of the finishes you see in our hardware.

Keystone Millworks Signature Bespoke Hardware

As an American manufacturer, our partner has over 80 years of design and manufacture experience; we are pleased to be able to offer both a fully and partially bespoke design and manufacturing service. 
Fully Bespoke
Our fully bespoke service is where you will come to us with your design ideas in whatever form you have them in. We will then work closely with you to bring your design ideas to life, with our technical design team and provide you with a 3D render of the finished design.

Once the design is agreed, we then submit final technical drawings for client sign off before commencing on manufacture in our partners factory. 
Curated Collection
We have a curated collection of hardware ranging from designs rooted in traditional architecture to an extremely modern aesthetic. You may wish to specify one of our collections but find that our standard length, diameter or projection isn’t fit for purpose for your project. This is where we are able to partially customize our own collections and alter them so that they work for your specific project.

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